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Ossian was a legendary Celtic warrior and Bard, son of Fingal (Fionn), said to have lived in the 3rd century.  Poems said to be Ossian’s were published in 1760 in “Fragments of Ancient Poetry Collected in the Highlands of Scotland” translated by James Macpherson (1736-96, from Kingussie)


“Ossian shall prevail or fall.  But shall the fame of the vanquished rise?  They pass like a shade away.  But the fame of Ossian shall rise!”

Courtesy of Education Scotland 2014

Celtic Knots

Celtic knots are complete loops without any beginning or end. This style is called pure knots.  The use of only one thread highlights the Celt’s belief in the interconnectedness of life and eternity.  In earlier times, the elaborate designs were mainly used for decorative purposes.  However, overtime, people began to understand the designs at a deeper level.  They saw the constant interlacing as the physical and the spiritual crossing of paths, expressing permanence, and the duration of life, love and faith.


The Ossian Energy logo is a geometric motif and dates back to 3,000 BC.  The triple spiral was seen to represent a trinity, for Ossian this depicts the trinities of:


  • Our business - Exploration, Appraisal and Development
  • What we do - Management, Evaluation and Operations
  • What we believe in - Alignment, Vision and Execution

Our business

What we do

What we believe in


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